Friday, May 1, 2015

The Ryan Harrington Foundation is hosting a "Night of Hope and Awareness" on June 3rd at Somerville High School. The event plans to host a group of great speakers with featured guest Chris Herren. This event is open to the public and encourages your attendance.


A Night of Hope and Awareness

Sponsored By:

The Ryan Harrington Foundation


The following link shares "Chris reading a letter that he wrote to his younger self and the result was a moving and powerful piece of self reflection and resolve." Herren, Chris, "CBS This Morning: A Note To Self" CBS This Morning, Friday December 20, 2013 <>.



There is help and hope out there for all who want it.


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  1. Their manager rocks! Thanks to their great team, I'm so happy I choose this venue for my event! I had a great time at Boston venues and think the atmosphere is as good as it gets. I will be astonished if I ever find a negative review on these guys.